Grouse shooting ban is not the answer, claims Amanda Anderson the Director of the Moorland Association.


An online petition has been set up by Dr Mark Avery calling for driven grouse shooting to be banned.

With one of the biggest celebrations of field sports in Britain beginning yesterday 31st July – the CLA Game Fair at Harewood House – the Moorland Association’s Director Amanda Anderson has defended the current management of our uplands, amid calls for driven grouse shooting to be outlawed in England. Ms.Anderson pointing out that any ban would see gamekeepers lost, making it a “lose-lose” scenario for conservation, livelihoods and visitors to uplands landscapes. But of course taking account of the growing support for such a ban in England the Director of the Moorland Association would say that wouldn’t she.

Since Mark Avery launched his e-petition in July the number of signatures as of today (1/08/15) reached a staggering 8,223, not a bad for just over 3 weeks, little wonder the Director of the Moorland Association is getting concerned.  At the current rate of signatures supporting a ban of driven grouse shooting the petition is likely to reach the required 10 k initial target  by the middle of August which would automatically trigger a parliamentary debate on this hot potato.

You can read Ben Barnett’s article published by the Yorkshire post here.

You can sign the petition to ban driven grouse shooting here.

Only 1 successful peregrine nest in the whole of the Forest of Bowland, with 5 failed nesting attempts confirmed this season.  These are the benefits that driven grouse shooting provides.

Just in case some of our readers are not persuaded by the benefit of banning driven grouse shooting, Raptor Politics are publishing the following information received from the North West Raptor Group. The information provides confirmation of the last of 5 know peregrine nesting attempts on grouse moors in the Forest of Bowland this season all of which failed.

In late June a fifth peregrine nest containing 3 eggs was discovered in a remote moorland stream gully in the western part of the Bowland Forest. The nest positioned in the middle of a keepered grouse moor was a territory well know for nest failures where completed clutches of eggs found in consecutive seasons all disappeared.  It was considered possible the 3 eggs found so late this season was a repeat clutch following the first nesting attempts failure elsewhere. When the territory was visited for a second time one week later, all 3 eggs had disappeared. See image below.

Peregrine 7 Bowland-1

The above territory  found in 2008 showing a nest containing 4 eggs which quickly disappeared. Eggs from the 2006 and 2007 nest also disappeared from this terriotory.


This season’s empty nesting scrape which a few weeks previously had contained 3 eggs which subsequently also disappeared.

2 comments to Grouse shooting ban is not the answer, claims Amanda Anderson the Director of the Moorland Association.

  • Julie Wright

    The woman’s in denial, those game keepers would make good conservation guides, they know where all the wildlife is. Make them rangers to protect this fragile ecosystem not destroy it.

  • Circus maxima

    I’d love to agree with you Julie… but the truth is that every game keeper I have been out with has a very narrow knowledge about the wildlife on their patch. But they do know a lot about killing…