Britain’s oldest golden eagle found dead in Highlands

The oldest golden eagle in Britain has been found dead in Scotland

The oldest golden eagle ever recorded in Britain has been found dead in the Highlands aged 18 – and may have died after a fight with a love rival.


Endangered Philippine eagle shot dead shortly after release

Philippine eagles are an endangered species and are known for their shaggy crests

A rare Philippine eagle has been shot dead just two months after it was released back into the wild following treatment for a previous gunshot wound, Philippine conservationists say. The bird, called Pamana, […]

Two more red kites found illegally killed in North Scotland

Image by Edward Felton

Two more red kites have been confirmed by Scottish Government testing to have been illegally killed in north Scotland. Both of these incidents took place in 2014 and are now being made public as the Police have concluded their enquiries.

The first […]

Major breakthrough in fight to save Asian vultures from extinction

A major step for the future of vultures in Asia was announced by the Indian Ministry of Health yesterday [26 August] when a ban of multi-dose vials of human formulations of diclofenac, which is responsible for the death of tens of millions of Asia’s vultures, came into force with immediate effect. The painkiller was banned […]

Two captive bred Egyptian vultures released in Italy

Last week two young Egyptian vultures bred in captivity were released in Southern Italy as part of an experiment to test procedures and get crucial data on the feasibility and relevance of captive-breeding and restocking/reintroduction projects with this species.

The two chicks, both female, named Sara and Agata, had been placed in […]

Petition Ban driven grouse shooting to protect the environment and protected birds like the Hen Harrier.

Raptor Politics has nearly 4000 followers on twitter, we are asking each and everyone of our followers for your help protect our moorland ecosystems and birds of prey that use these regions to breed. This year there were only 6 successful breeding pairs of hen harriers in England brought about by a campaign of illegal […]

Do you support the Hawk and Owl Trust in their support for brood management of Hen Harriers?

RBA Reader Poll

The Hawk and Owl Trust’s continued support for brood management has been highly controversial. (© Terry Pickford)

Back in January, following a surprise announcement by the Hawk and Owl Trust (HOT) that they would support Hen Harrier brood management, we ran a poll asking readers if they supported this position.


The reintroduction of the Golden Eagle into the Czech Republic

This project is being carried out by a non-governmental organization in cooperation with state authorities for protection of nature in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Participants to the project also include Ostrava ZOO and other institutions and specialists. View the 3 videos at the end of this article which portray the remarkable progress so far. […]

The first nestling Griffon Vulture hatched in the Balkan Mountains for almost a century

For more than a decade our Bulgarian colleagues have been dreaming about restoring vulture populations in the Balkans – indeed the first feasibility studies for the reintroduction of griffons in the Central Balkan mountains, where they had disappeared many decades ago, was done 10 years ago.


Over 100,000 birds killed in Malta each year – BirdLife International

Tens of millions of migratory birds are being killed illegally each year across the Mediterranean, according to the first scientific review of its kind to be carried out in the region by BirdLife International.

Despite not ranking in the top 10 overall, Malta (where 108,000 birds are estimated to be killed illegally […]