Forest of Bowland Cover Up: Historic Peregrine Breeding & Persecution Data the public are not supposed to see!

Historic Breeding and Persecution date for the Peregrine Falcon 1974 – 2008. Forest of Bowland

Out of the 320 confirmed nesting attempts in this 34 year period, 161 clutches of eggs failed to hatch or disappeared from nests. An additional 48 broods also suffered a similar fate. At a further 32 nests which were examined […]

Don’t undermine the laws that protect nature, say nearly half a million European citizens

An RSPB Media Release

Calls to defend nature beat the record for responses to European public consultations

Don’t undermine or wreck the laws protecting nature. That’s the clear and powerful message to the President of the European Commission and his Commissioners from the majority of nearly […]

Forest of Bowland: Will the Westminster government allow this Lancashire moorland area to become a Raptor free zone?

Mallowdale Pike. In 2009 the resident gamekeeper left this estate taking up new duties in Scotland. The following spring in the absence of a gamekeeper a pair of peregrines successfully reared their two chicks at this remote location. In the following year the peregrines disappeared and have so far […]

First black vulture chick hatched in the wild in southern Portugal for more than 40 years ringed and tagged

On the 14th July the black vulture chick hatched from one of the two nests built by black vultures this year in Herdade da Contenda, in Moura (Alentejo) – the first wild hatching of this species in southern Portugal for more than 40 years – has been ringed with a colour ring and marked […]

Golden eagles survey takes flight in Scotland – in pictures

Golden Eagle with eaglet. Blackmount Forest Argyll. Image courtesy of Terry Pickford

RSPB and Forestry Commission staff along with conservationists head out to GPS tag pairs of golden eagle chicks in remote nest sites near Loch Ness in Scotland. Experts will monitor their movements for six months […]

RSPB Staff member Bungee Jumps to save the Hen Harrier in Bowland

On Saturday 8 August, a young RSPB staff member Jenn Lane will be doing her bit for the hen harrier by doing a bungee jump to raise money for harriers in Bowland. Here she explains why.

Jennifer Lane will be taking a Bungee Jump for the Hen Harrier

Extremely rare set of Golden Eagle triplets born in the eastern Highlands of Scotland

Triplets: Rare golden eagle chicks born in Highlands, image by the RSPB

A rare set of golden eagle triplets has been born in Scotland, a wildlife charity has revealed. The female chicks hatched nine weeks ago and are being raised by their parents in the east Highlands of Scotland.


Pine marten seen in England for the first time in a hundred years

Image of an English Pine Marten captured by Dave Pearce Photographic proof that there was a pine marten in the woods of south-west Shropshire sparked a wave of excitement among local conservationists A dark shape moved rapidly through the woods and moments later, with a flash of its bushy tail, disappeared into the undergrowth. […]

The Eagle Owl is amongst 15 species that could be brought back to rewild Britain.

If a new organisation called Rewilding Britain get their way this could result in a huge about turn by UK Scientists and Government agencies alike. If recommendations on the table are accepted the Eagle Owl could be one of fifteen likely species to be considered for reintroduction back into the UK as […]

The Wildlife Justice Commission: International body launches in effort to combat biggest ‘Al Capone’ poachers

The head of a new organisation set up to tackle international wildlife crime syndicates has vowed to bring down the “Al Capones” behind the £86bn global trade in commodities from rhino horn to tuna.

The Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), based in The Hague, launches this week with a mandate to move beyond the prosecution […]