Inglorious, Mark Avery’s latest book reviewed by John Miles

Inglorious by Mark Avery

Published by Bloomsbury

Hard back priced £16.99 pages 304

ISBN 978 1 4729 1741 6


This is a story about Mark’s personal attack on the present Red Grouse shooting industry and its need to kill birds of prey to survive. The Hen Harrier is the main species shown to suffer along with many ‘moor’ species.

For those with no knowledge of the goings on of these upland areas it is very much a large ‘eye opener’ to the reader. The fact that the public were paying for this to happen was also brought out and along with the massive effect of Red Grouse management on carbon storage, water quality and flooding. Not to mention the few people who were gaining on this illegal pass time of killing the birds of prey and lots of other species not protected by law mainly because the people making the laws were in fact the same people shooting on these moors.

Langholm was mentioned several times but the main reason for the first of 2 projects which was the massacre of 300 birds of prey each year! [Ratcliffe] was some how missed out. The 2nd project only came about due to pressure from the then Duke of Buccleuch to restore his Red Grouse moor which sadly, is what they are doing with our money! This ‘peculiarly British past time’ is mentioned several times but contradicts itself when it mentions it is a world past time for those who can afford it especially heads of states and wealthy business men.

Mark has done a great job bringing this problem to the public eye and his attempt to change the world was brought out when he went into an art gallery and bought 74 postcards with Hen harrier on {only just more than my wife does on holiday!} to send to Red Grouse moor owners!

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