Farming Today, Debate, should Grouse Shooting be banned?


This morning Farming Today hosted a 6 minute debate between Mark Avery and Andrew Gilruth, Game & Wildlife Trust, on proposals to ban driven grouse shooting from England’s uplands. The one sided debate will be available to listen to on line for the next 29 days. The debate starts at 07.21.

There is no doubt Mark’s arguments came out on top using well thought out rational points which Andrew Gilruth was unable to answer with any degree of factuality. Frankly, Mark Avery was able to enforce many of the points he made by using better science out maneuvering his opponent on a number of important issues to which Andrew Gilruth did not have answers.

You can listen to the debate here.

If you want to ban driven grouse shooting to save our hen harriers please sign Mark Avery’s petition here, currently standing at 7160 signatures at 18:00, 30/07/2015 



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