BirdLife Malta urges government not to risk embarrassing Malta at the European Courts

Yesterday, Tuesday 28 July, was the deadline for the Maltese government to submit their justification to the European Commission for reintroducing the trapping of wild finches in autumn 2014 and BirdLife Malta is urging the government to ban the practice rather than risk Malta facing the EU Courts.

In a statement, Birdlife […]

Not such a Glorious Twelfth: Should driven grouse-shooting be banned?

Writing this week in the Independent Mark Avery puts on record his reasons why driven grouse shooting in England must be banned. Mark has also recently launched his second e-petition calling for the Westminster parliament to ban this sport which depends so much upon the illegal destruction of protected birds of prey like the […]

Scientists prove that European bird protection law saves threatened species

RSPB Media Release

The European Union’s Birds Directive – often believed to be one of the world’s most progressive and successful nature conservation laws – has had a huge impact in protecting Europe’s most threatened bird species – including many in the UK, says new research by the RSPB, BirdLife International and Durham […]