The Wildlife Justice Commission: International body launches in effort to combat biggest ‘Al Capone’ poachers

The head of a new organisation set up to tackle international wildlife crime syndicates has vowed to bring down the “Al Capones” behind the £86bn global trade in commodities from rhino horn to tuna.

The Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC), based in The Hague, launches this week with a mandate to move beyond the prosecution of poachers killing endangered species in sub-Saharan Africa to pursuing the “kingpins” who often dabble in multiple forms of criminality.

The organisation – a cross between a wildlife FBI and an international tribunal – represents a dramatic departure in efforts to halt an epidemic of poaching and smuggling. Experts warn that species such as the rhino will be extinct in the wild by the end of the decade.

You can follow the complete story published today in the Independent




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