Black vulture chick hatches in Southern Portugal, the first such occurrence for more than 40 years in the region

(Photo Jonas Verhulst/VCF)

In the last few days one Black Vulture chick finally hatched from one of the two nests built by black vultures this year in Herdade da Contenda, in Moura (Alentejo) – the first wild hatching of this species in southern Portugal for more than 40 years. […]

Shropshire gamekeeper cleared by magistrates of trapping wild birds

Neil Gordon Wainwright, of Norbury, near Bishop’s Castle, had been accused of using a metal Larsen trap – designed to catch magpies, crows and jays – in a bid to catch wild birds at Birch Hill Wood in Gatten, near the Stiperstones. Read our full account here.


Peregrine nest disturbance: Can anyone recognise this individual asks the police?

Devon & Cornwall Police

Police have received reports of a person who allegedly was seen disturbing the nest of a Peregrine Falcon in Plymbridge Woods between 6-7pm on Tuesday 26th May. It is alleged that a man attempted to photograph the nest causing the birds to be disturbed. Although peregrines do not nest in […]

Disaster stalks the Forest of Bowland. Is this the beginning of the end for this ‘region’s’ ‘protected’ raptors.

This season has been a catastrophy for rare breeding birds of prey on moorland in the Forest of Bowland, an area once regarded as a jewel in the crown for Hen Harriers and Peregrine falcons in Lancashire. Last September we learned about the curious disappearance of ‘Skye’ and ‘Hope’, the two Hen Harrier chicks which […]

Sea eagle found in Loch Arkaig chick nearly dies after swallowing fishing hooks

The six week old male bird underwent an emergency operation after being rescued from Loch Arkaig, Lochaber by a wildlife officer. The 6-week old chick had eaten fish hooks and was entangled in the lines, which were still attached. A SEA eagle chick has been saved from a “slow and horrible” death after […]

BirdLife Malta activists acquitted of possessing protected birds they had attempted to save: common sense prevailed.

Two BirdLIfe Malta activists found not guilty of possessing protected species they were trying to save. In what many felt to be a farcical inversion of the facts, the conservationists were charged under a 2006 law intended to stem illegalities by hunters and trappers Two BirdLife Malta activists walked out of court this with their […]

Rare Steller’s Sea-Eagle seen in Alaska yesterday 23/06/15

News has just reached us that a subadult Steller’s Sea-Eagle was seen on Buldir Island, Alaska yesterday afternoon. This dramatic species has been known in the American Birding Area only a handful of times before, almost exclusively from the Aleutians, but also as far east as Alaska’s southeastern peninsula. This was the case for […]

Formal bid to bring back lynx to Scotland expected this summer

AN official application to bring lynx back to Scotland is set to be submitted next month and could see the big cats roam Britain for the first time in 1,300 years. The Lynx UK Trust has completed a public consultation on plans to reintroduce Eurasian lynx – complete with GPS tracking collars – to […]

Scottish Government outline ‘Radical’ land reforms.

The Scottish Government wants to legislate on a number of measures aimed at achieving ”a fairer and more equitable distribution of land in Scotland”. The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill will end business rates exemptions for shooting and deer stalking estates, give communities a right to buy land to further sustainable development, and make information on […]

The fourteenth bearded vultures released in Andalusia Spain.

The 14th young bearded vulture to be released this year in the three ongoing reintroduction projects – Alps, Andalusia and Grands Causses, was set free this weekend in Sierra de Cazorla, Spain


The female was named after a local municipality (Huesa), and is the 5th bearded vulture to be released in the Sierras […]