The White-tailed sea eagle soaring high reaching 100 breeding pairs in Scotland

Live White-tailed eagles and Osprey web cams

Live Raptor web-cams from Cumbria, Norway and Latvia

Cumbria Wildlife Trust-Faulshaw Moss Nature Reserve Osprey

Single Latvian White-tailed eagle HD. (exceptional quality)

Norwegian Sea Eagle HD Close up of nest (exceptional quality)

Island of the Sea Eagles, the Guardian Tuesday 26 May

Britain’s biggest bird of prey is back from extinction and thriving on Mull. It’s great news for wildlife tourists, but the sheep farmers are yet to be convinced. With wings like planks and a meat-cleaver for a beak, the white-tailed eagle fixes its eyeballs (twice as large as ours) on the boat. Taking great scoops […]

Hen Harrier Row, BBC Radio 4 Farming Today

One of our followers kindly sent details of a Radio 4 programme where the row started by Sir Ian Botham ‘You Forgot the Birds’ (meaning the hen harrier) is debated by Ian Gregory a representative from the shooting industry, and Martin Harper on the other side from the RSPB. We decided to add the link […]

A gamekeeper speaks out at last.

The following words are those of a gamekeeper, not the words of Raptor Politics. We would like to thank Trapit for having the courage to speak out. His last sentence tells it all.

The beginning.

In the late nineties,as the first Langholm report was being published, I was at a local Pheasant shoot talking to […]

Understanding Predation by Scotland’s Moorland Forum

We received a request from one of our followers over the weekend asking if we would publish details of the above proposal by Scotland’s Moorland Forum. The Moorland Forum has commissioned a project titled ‘Understanding Predation’ to achieve a number of objectives by January 2016 which we have listed below: We have also added a […]

South Yorkshire man charged with keeping two tawny owls in captivity.

A man from Sheffield has been charged with offences relating to the capture of wild owls.

Joel Martin, 20, of Clayton Crescent in Waterthorpe has been charged with taking and possessing two wild Tawny owls and of having a trap capable of being used to take wild birds.

He was arrested on 19 May by […]

Migrating Golden Eagles facing slaughter in Ontario, Canada

PRESS RELEASE May 22nd 2015

Migrating golden eagles could be slaughtered in their hundreds in Ontario

Wind projects in southern Ontario clutter the lake shores, which are followed by millions of birds during migrations – map credit: Whereas in Michigan, Huron County has […]

Evaluation of Trail-Cameras for Analyzing the Diet of Nesting Raptors Using the Northern Goshawk as a Model

The following Research Article was first published in the Journal.pone on 20 May 2015. The article was given an open access certification for republication. We realised before publishing that the information may be of only small interest to many of our followers and is quite long and in depth, however there will be many raptor […]

Red Kite found with serious leg injuries anesthetised after being snared in an illegal trap in Sterlingshire

A red kite has been humanely killed after it was injured and in distress after being caught in an illegal trap. Police Scotland is now appealing for information to help them trace the person who laid the trap. The red kite was found on moorland, west of Stirling, on May 13. […]