Live Raptor WebCams from America, Latvia, Norway.

American Raptor web-cams.

The images on these American webcams are viewable between 10am until APPROX 10pm GMT

Bald Eagle web Cam, Hanover PA

Great horned Owl Cam, Skidaway Island, Savannah Georgia

Red-tailed hawk cam, San Diego County, CA

Bald Eagle Cam, Pittsburgh. with initial commercial advert

Latvia web-cam

This images shown by this live […]

White-tailed eagles nest in Orkney after 142-year absence.

A pair of sea eagles are currently nesting on RSPB Scotland’s Hoy nature reserve. It is the first time these birds have attempted to breed in Orkney since 1873. The news suggests Orkney may become the next stop on the sea eagles’ celebrated recolonisation of Scotland. Alan Leitch, RSPB Scotland’s Sites Manager […]

Poisoned White-tailed Eagle found dead in nest in Connemara

The female eagle was released in Killarney National Park in 2009 (Pic: Dermot Breen, National Parks & Wildlife Service)

The Golden Eagle Trust, Ireland Press Release.

A White-tailed Eagle has been found dead in the nest at a nest site in Connemara. The six year old […]

If it Flies, It Dies – Malta’s Hunters Get Green Light for Bird Slaughter Tourists to Malta over the next few weeks might get a shock. The country’s mass killing of birds, known as the Spring Hunt, starts today, meaning that thousands of birds will be shot from the skies. If you don’t want to be caught in the middle of that, you might want to head somewhere […]

One Bearded Vultures found dead in the French Alps, a second found shot but still alive in the French Pyrenees.

An adult bearded vulture was found dead on the 6th April within the ski resort of Flaine, in Haute-Savoie (department 74), of unknown causes. The bird was found relatively close to a ski lift, and the body was recovered to do a full post-mortem, and toxicological analysis. A few days later, on the 9th […]

Maltese Hunter fined €2,500, licence suspended for 42 months for shooting cuckoo

The Cuckoo is protected species and is the first recorded casualty of controversial spring hunting season • The Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, warns that hunting season will be stopped if there are “flagrant illegalities” • St Hubert Hunters, FKNK condemn shooting


Understanding Predation – What is it all About? Does anyone know anything about this?

Really interesting that this so called scientific report based partly on anecdotal evidence and opinion has only been publicised to those involved with game management or farming. This has been running since 2014 and not once have I heard about this project, despite working within an SNH and FCS partnership project on the Isle […]

BirdLife Malta expects hunting season to be closed if there are illegalities

Birdlife Malta expects Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to keep his word and close the spring hunting season in the event of any illegalities being reported, warned BirdLife Malta spokesman Mark Sultana. Speaking at a press conference today, Sultana said that the result of the referendum will not affect the values or operation of Birdlife.

He […]

Spring hunting to stay in Malta, hunters expect 50.8% majority

Spring Hunting Out spokespersons say that they respect outcome of referendum but that the numbers should send a strong message to politicians that a large portion of the Maltese electorate does not support spring hunting.

Counting staff lift their votes up high so that monitors inspect the process from behind the perspex wall. […]

Malta bird hunting vote: Tradition and conservation clash


Reggie Calleja says spring hunting is a traditional way of living

Malta has seen its fair share of battles over the centuries, most famously in the ferocious fighting against the Nazis during World War Two. Now its skies are a battleground once more – but this time between conservationists and […]