Egg theft from White-tailed eagle nest caught of CCTV

Watch this sensational video of an egg thief caught in the act of stealing a clutch of 2 eggs from the nest of a White-tailed eagle nest in Denmark. We are are unaware of this behaviour ever  being captured on film or by video anywhere before. This time the evidence clearly shows the culprit was not human. The animal responsible was a Pine Marten which obviously has managed to climb the tall tree after dark, then making its way through the dense branches into the nest structure scaring off the male eagle seen incubating the two white eggs. This is a particular tragedy, because there are too few white-tailed eagles nesting in Denmark, and second because thousands of people from across the word have been watching the live webcam hoping to see the eggs hatch within the next week.


Latvian Live White-tailed eagle  webcam

The images shown by this webcam are visible during daylight hour 6am until 5pm GMT

Single Latvian White-tailed  eagle HD. (exceptional quality)



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