Farming community are the first to go public raising concerns over Lynx release in eastern counties


SHEEP farmers have raised concerns over discussions to introduce lynx to parts of the eastern counties.

 Thetford Forest, which borders Norfolk and Suffolk has been earmarked as one of three potential sites to rewild with the medium-sized wild cat. The project, backed by the Lynx UK Trust, would see between four and six Eurasian Lynx released in the forest, and a consultation is planned in the coming weeks.

But National Sheep Association (NSA) chief executive Phil Stocker raised farmer concerns to Farmers Guardian over the potential predatory impact to sheep. He said: “There are growing concerns among sheep farmers things will get out of control.” Mr Stocker said this was an area the NSA was looking to lobby on.

Proposals are continuing in Scotland to reintroduce lynx as well as several other species of wildlife.


NFU Scotland has raised concerns over the impact of any Lynx introductions to the country’s wildlife and livestock. So far gamekeepers and their employers are not saying anything, but they certainly do so once they perceive a threat to their game birds, even if such a threat does would not exist. The Lynx is a forest predator, predating on animals such a deer, wild boar , rabbits, hares and birds that live in a forest habitat.

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