Rutland Water Ospreys: Proposal to place 9 130m high turbines in Osprey flight line.

Today 23 March, Raptor Politics received a request for advice from one of our followers concerned at a proposal to install nine 130m high wind turbines near Rutland Water in order to prepare a response. We are advised that it is not uncommon to see Ospreys in the Rutland area as they travel through the […]

Tragedy in waiting for the American Bald Eagle

Tragedy in waiting for Bald eagle… My 8 year struggle with Whatcom County, State and Federal wildlife agents to acknowledge the presence of an active eagles nest, took a dark turn yesterday. I was so excited on Tuesday when I saw Skye sitting on egg(s), but I hadn’t realized that the new trail Whatcom County […]

The Merlin a new book by Richard Sale, Reviewed here.

The Merlin by Richard Sale

Self Published by Snowfinch Publishing

ISBN 978 0 9571732 1 7

March 2015

Hardback Price £40.00 Pages 304

For all birds of prey lovers this book fills a gap for a species which so many birders often miss as this little rocket flies through the uplands […]

Farming community are the first to go public raising concerns over Lynx release in eastern counties

SHEEP farmers have raised concerns over discussions to introduce lynx to parts of the eastern counties.

Thetford Forest, which borders Norfolk and Suffolk has been earmarked as one of three potential sites to rewild with the medium-sized wild cat. The project, backed by the Lynx UK Trust, would […]