More Live Raptor Web cams from America & Latvia.

American Raptor web-cams.

The images on these American webcams are viewable between 10am until APPROX 10pm GMT

Bald Eagle web Cam, Hanover PA

Great horned Owl Cam, Skidaway Island, Savannah Georgia

Red-tailed hawk cam, San Diego County, CA

Bald Eagle Cam, Pittsburgh. with initial commercial advert

Latvia web-cam

This images shown by this live webcam are visible during daylight hour 6am until 5pm GMT

Single Latvian White-tailed  eagle HD. (exceptional quality)


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  • Check the Time around 6 30 am this morning as the bird sitting left the nest for a brief period and the nest was visited by two hooded crows. one of which i watched predated one egg, by puncturing it and drinking the content. what a shame. i didn’t see if both eggs were attacked?