Ban Driven Grouse shooting: Please help to send a message to Westminster.

Come on everyone lets all get behind this important E-petition to save the Hen Harrier in England. If Jeremy Clarkson’s followers are able to muster close to 400,000 signatures in one week supporting Clarkson’s reinstatement back into his job on BBC’s Top Gear, despite his appalling behaviour, surely we who care for our countries wildlife heritage can do just a good in support of the Hen Harrier in England.
Hen Harrier chicks dead in nest
The corpses of 4 dead and mutilated Hen Harriers all found inside their nest on a Red Grouse Moor in Lancashire. We can no longer ignore the inevitable.
This week Raptor Politics received the attached message from Dr Mark Avery asking that we pass on his important and vital request for help to all our followers, we are please to do so. We now ask everyone who has not already signed Mark’s E-petition calling for the government to ban driven red grouse shooting to do so today by following the link provided. We implore  each and every one of you to re-tweet this vital message and  also pass on the details to all your family and friends asking them to also consider signing Mark’s E-petition today. This may be our last opportunity to save the Hen Harrier from extinction on England’s uplands.
All you people who live in Scotland, Wales or Ireland who have so far not signed the petition, please help us send a strong message to the Westminster government that persecution of endangered raptors must stop NOW.

 Today at 3:55 AM

E-petition to ban driven grouse shooting in England


Dear friends


I am writing to ask for your help to send a message to the next Westminster government. If you sign my E-petition to ban driven grouse shootingand/or pass it on to others so that they can decide for themselves, then that would be a great help. But please do that now as this e-petition expires when parliament is dissolved on 30 March.

The e-petition is on the Westminster government website which means that it has political clout. Already it is one of the most successful e-petitions ever – being in the top 0.5% of all e-petitions on this site.The e-petition applies to England, but any UK citizen is entitled to sign it.

Driven grouse shooting, where lines of beaters chase the Red Grouse across the hills to fly past lines of ‘guns’ who pay large amounts of money to shoot at them, is the source of wildlife crime (killing of birds of prey), damaged wildlife sites (burning of blanket bogs), increased carbon emissions (from heather burning and soil erosion), increased water bills (through water discolouration requiring water treatment) and increased home insurance (through increased flood risk caused by land management in the hills). It is of trivial economic value to the economy but your taxes are helping to subsidise this field sport. We’d be better off without it.

All attempts to negotiate a more sustainable future with grouse shooting interests have failed through their intransigence. The only way forward for the wildlife enthusiast, the taxpayer and the many, is to ban this unsustainable practice of the few.

This e-petition has already sent a message to grouse shooters that they need to change and to politicians that they need to act. Your signature will help strengthen that message.

I am grateful to Chris Packham, the Green Party of England and Wales,Birdwatch magazine, the League Against Cruel Sports, Rare Bird Alert and a host of raptor workers and wildlife enthusiasts for their support in getting this e-petition so far. One last push and surge of signatures before the 30 March will strengthen that message.

But it’s up to you!

Please sign this E-petition to ban driven grouse shooting. And please forward this petition to anyone you think that might sign it (even if you yourself do not).

Thank you for your help

best wishes


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