Eagle-Owl webcam in western Germany at Eifel.



The female eagle owl is called Lotte. The guy whom we have to thank for this wonderful cam is Stefan Brücher http://www.egeeulen.de/inhalt/mitarbeiter.php


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  • Had those tasked with looking after these birds placed their welfare first, this could have happened in Bowland. But no those meant to care for these beautiful owls harassed them, visiting nests far too often at a critical period when nests contained eggs.

    How very sad that it now seems they have all disappeared along with the Peregrines and all but two pairs of hen harriers because of greed and persecution. Very little if anything is said about the Bowland situation by the RSPB because of their embarrassment, unable to provide a home for our precious wildlife.

    How wonderful it is to watch these webcams in Holland, Germany and many other countries where Le Grande Duc is welcomed and respected, but how sad that the evil done to them here is allowed to go unpunished, and far too often unreported.