World Owl Trust’s work over 3 decades comes to an end at Muncaster in Cumbria.

Barn Owl Grahame MadgeThe world Owl Trust, which has been based  in west Cumbria for over 3 decades is to leave Muncaster Castle where their headquarters and owl based display has been housed. The move which will begin later this year after the conservation charity and the castle management failed to reach any agreement on the future of the World Owl Trust’s Centre at Muncaster.

The Trust has announced it is to leave the castle on May 6, moving all of its 200 birds and aviaries to a new undisclosed location in the West Midlands. The castle’s general manager, Mr Peter Frost-Pennington whose family lives at Muncaster, said they have exciting plans to continue conservation work with birds of prey and owls at Muncaster, but which we understand will no longer include the World Owl Trust.

One favourable aspect which may possibly benefit the new World Owl Trust West Midlands location, instead of having a small public visitor catchment as at Muncaster, the Trust will now have access to over 2 million people from all around the new West Midlands centre. We wish Tony Warburton and all his staff the very best for the future. We are confident the new centre will be a wonderful success for all concerned, and may yet turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the WOT..

2 comments to World Owl Trust’s work over 3 decades comes to an end at Muncaster in Cumbria.

  • Steve Thomas

    I’m deeply saddend that you’ve left Muncaster because when my wife Sue died in May 2011 I had permission to have her ashes scattered around the owl statue in the owl garden for she loved owls and wanted to be with them, ‘I’ve been coming up from Cheshire once a year to give a donation and leave some flowers by the statue,with Tonys permisssion, but now it’s not the same without the owls there, Sue would be devastated, what happend ?, Regards Steve.

  • Sinead mallon

    i am very interested in allowing six owls on my 30acrea of land
    If you find this helpful email