First peregrine egg laid this morning at Charing Cross Hospital in London

FaBPeregrines report first peregrine egg found, Charlie odd name for a female, laid her first egg around 6.14 (14:00 in the clip) revealing it properly for the first time at 6.19 (19:00 in)

7 March 2015 at 6am Charing Cross Hospital

The Kestrel becoming scarce in some parts of Scotland concludes new report

A combination of factors have been blamed for a decline in kestrels

The Kestrel once common across Scotland is becoming scarce in some places, according to a new report. Kestrels have been declining for a number of years and experts believe habitat loss and poisons used to control rodents could be to […]

Breaking New – reintroduced pair of bearded vultures have laid eggs at a nest in Cazorla (Andalucia) Spain.

Another important milestone in the fantastic project to restore this species in Andalucía, Spain. This is the first nesting attempt in the wild after the species disappeared more than 30 years ago

It has just been confirmed that the pair of bearded vultures that had built a nest in Andalucia in […]