New and Important petition calling for the British Government to send the killers of raptors to Prison.

This petition is very important and  urgently needs YOUR help now. Please take a few minutes to sign and share on Twitter and FaceBook. If you care about the plight of ‘so called protected birds of prey‘, this petition may just be the spark to get the governments attention.


The corpse of 3 peregrine chicks together with an adult falcon, each shot to death in their eyrie.

With a general election just around the corner, now is the time to provide as much publicity highlighting the widespread persecution of all raptors.  The hen harrier is almost extinct in England following extensive and systematic persecution on moorland where red grouse are shot. No one should forget the loss of two of Bowlands satellite tagged hen harriers last year. There is now very little doubt both of these birds were shot within 6 weeks of fledging within 3 miles of their natal nesting territories on two adjoining grouse moors.

Goshawk and peregrine are two additional species which are finding it almost impossible to establish and retain nesting territories on moorland where red grouse are shot. Goshawks continue to be targeted at game pens where pheasants are reared as recent evidence has shown. Last week the Police and RSPB were involved in the successful prosecution of a game manager in Yorkshire where 5 illegal pole traps had been set adjacent to pheasant rearing pens; the man was fined but he had already been heavily fined 3 years earlier for other wildlife offences, clearly no deterrent there. Goshawk nests are also being destroyed as shown by an RSPB video which showed two armed gunmen shooting at a goshawk nest in the cairngorms  last year.

To highlight just how serious the situation has become, there are currently less than 18 occupied peregrine territories located on moorland in northern England used to shoot red grouse. Since 2010 occupied peregrines territories inside the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire crashed from an average of 20 occupied sites to just 5 last year. Of those 5 sites only a single pair managed to rear one chick last year. Within the next decade peregrines may become extinct on all moorland in northern England where red grouse are shot. There are now more pairs of nesting peregrines in London than there are on grouse moors in England- what does that  tell you?

Unless and until the government introduce mandatory prison sentences for those criminals convicted of killing birds of prey, nothing will change. Please where ever you are located in the world, sign the petition today to make a difference.


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6 comments to New and Important petition calling for the British Government to send the killers of raptors to Prison.

  • Dennis Kelly

    It is now abundantly clear that existing punishments against raptor persecution offer insufficient deterrent. The government needs to be reminded that the section of the British population that values wildlife in the UK vastly outnumbers those involved in the shooting game birds. The shooting industry has failed to get its act together – there is no alternative now but to impose mandatory prison sentences for raptor persecution offences. Failure to act on this matter with the urgency it requires will be viewed as blatant pandering to a minority special interest group – that is simply not good enough.

  • Kevin moore

    The trouble is Dennis that the government would be sending their own people to jail as it is the establishment that are the main owners of shoots .

  • Yvonne Rowe

    I am concerned for all raptors but especially the hen harrier. It is against the law to persecute raptors but even when caught and prosecuted, perpetrators get nothing but a fine. Prison is the only answer.

  • Julie Wright

    The Forest of Bowland is like the Bermuda Triangle for Birds of Prey. Why aren’t the RSPB and other bodies investigating this area? All the focus seems to be in other areas when there is a serious problem in Bowland. So what are the police and RSPB doing about protecting the remaining Hen Harriers? Where have all the Peregrines gone, the eagle owls and the Goshawks?

    I think we know the answer to that. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that there is a conspiracy in Bowland, that the land owners assume they are untouchable. Well I suppose when you’re a Duke you probably are! When the Tory Government are kicked out, let’s hope the public vote shows these criminals that we are not going to stand for it anymore.

  • Thank you for posting and supporting my petition, sadly it is not doing to well so this might help. It seems that every time I start a petition some person or organisation starts another one which swamps mine, they are many and I am just one, but one who believes in what they fight for and will never give up. I need everyone who believes in what I do to stand with me, that is the only way be will be heard.
    To all who have supported me I say a huge than you, if you haven’t then I urge you to stand with us, this is the only way we can make, or try to make, a difference .

  • Jason Fisher

    sending them to prison won’t solve the problem. fines will. if they came in the form of minimum fine per bird killed, of £10,000 to the game keeper and £100,000 to the estate that employed them. combined with all subsidy cancelled for the year in which the crime happens and having to pay back any subsidy already received.
    rather than the current state of absolutely nothing except something suspended and a congratulation on what a fine job they’re doing

    Editor’s Comment. We are with you on this one Jason/