Wildlife crime action call over Scottish prosecutions

Scotland’s international reputation as a haven for wildlife is at risk because of the country’s failure to investigate and prosecute wildlife crime effectively, it has been claimed by a new report. The report published last week by Scottish Environment LINK has been described as a “damning indictment” of the failure to effectively tackle wildlife crime in Scotland.

Golden Eagle Strathspey, C/R Terry Pickford

Female Golden Eagle at risk from poison throughout the Highlands

The findings of a new report, which include the suggestion that offences are greatly under-reported, have been described as a “damning indictment”.

The “Natural Injustice” report has been published by Scottish Environment Link.

The Crown Office has dismissed the report as “ill informed”.

Download paper 1 & paper 2 below.

Download Natural-Injustice-paper1-FINAL

Download Natural-Injustice-paper2-FINAL

You can read here the complete article written By David Miller BBC Scotland environment correspondent


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