Chris Packham resigns from the Hawk & Owl Trust

Chris Packham has announced on Twitter today that he has resigned his presidency of the Hawk & Owl Trust:

I this week resigned as President of the Hawk & Owl Trust. Very sad, I’d been a member since 1975“.


When Mr Packham was asked why he took this decision, he wrote this:

Personal differences over ideas of policy“.

Raptor Politics understands Mr Packham’s resignation was because of the Hawk & Owls decision to support Hen Harrier brood management. Packhams resignation from the Trust reflects the dissatisfaction of many within the conservation community for this strategy.  With such a high profile resignation, this may be sufficient to  bring the Hawk & Owl Trust to its senses. Until the killing of the hen harrier stops there can be no justification for releasing harriers into the wild where they will almost certainly be shot.

4 comments to Chris Packham resigns from the Hawk & Owl Trust

  • Falcoscot

    Well, the shooting will come to an end soon…………because there’ll be none left !

  • nirofo

    Good for you Chris,

    Philip Merricks has a lot to answer for, his reasoning behind all this unworkable and unnecessary “brood management” farce would be a good start, but then maybe he can’t divulge his true reasons due to other behind the scenes circumstances ???

  • Thank goodness Chris Packham has ethics and is willing to stand up for them, what the hell are the Hawk and Owl Trust thinking about?
    It seems that like a good many more of the larger and more wealthy organisations they have lost the way and are thinking more of money than sense and I would call on any self respecting and sensible person, like Mr. Packham, to cancel their membership and make their feelings known as this project, if that’s what it can be called, is doomed from the start and we all know that this is not the way forward for the Hen Harrier, they will continue to be persecuted by gamekeepers and landowners who continue to get away with it with little or no punishment whatsoever.
    The root cause of the Hen Harrier problem needs to be addressed before brood management is even considered but it appears that the Hawk and Owl Trust are ignoring the fact and are happy to release these birds onto areas where there will only be one outcome, death by persecution.
    I call upon this organisation to think again, I also was a member for many years but cancelled my membership and have no intention of rejoining, this I feel will do them untold damage, why the hell are they putting their name to something like this?

  • Julia May

    Whilst ever the government is unwilling to do anything to strengthen the law protecting wildlife from illegal persecution – particularly by game keepers – this problem will continue. All shooting estates found to have persecuted raptors should forfeit their license for a minimum of twenty years.