Highlights and images from Langholm Moor – Rough-legged buzzard, hen harriers and goshawk

Langholm moor at this time of year, with spring just around the corner, never fails to excite with interesting updates of visiting raptors and other returning birds to this Scottish border region. February has seen mother & daughter, Grainne & Annie, first moving north before returning south as the weather begins to […]

Humberside Police investigation Buzzard found with severed leg: Possibly cause by illegal spring trap.

A £1,000 reward has been offered for anyone who can provide information about a buzzard which was found with one leg completely severed in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Humberside Police and the RSPB say the injuries are similar to those which may have been caused by illegal spring trap.

The buzzard was found alive […]

Goshawk predation on Grey Squirrel as high a 95% recorded.

Goshawk holding predated Grey Squirrel

It has come to our notice that a pair of nesting Goshawks being monitored in the Midlands in 2014 by the Forestry Commission and local bird watchers were predating 90% Grey Squirrel. This adds to the Derbyshire nest where 95% Grey Squirrel predation was recorded, and […]

Bald eagles allegedly poisoned by euthanized animals which had been dumped at Landfill sites

Ocala, Florida —The bald eagle—the symbol of our nation—which is protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, faces a new threat in Marion County Florida.


Scientific research prove Bald Eagles are being contaminated by Flame Retardants.

Research on PBDE’s suggests the compounds might harm highly exposed birds. Michigan’s bald eagles are among the most contaminated birds on the planet when it comes to phased-out flame retardant chemicals in their livers, according to new research. The study, published last month in the Journal of Great Lakes Research, found […]

Bill Oddie gives his support to a grouse shooting ban on Ilkley Moor

Bill Oddie weighs into Ilkley Moor grouse shoot debate

CONSERVATIONIST and broadcaster Bill Oddie has backed a renewed campaign calling for grouse shooting to be banned from Ilkley Moor.

The well known TV presenter met campaigners calling for the ban soon after Bradford councillors voted unanimously earlier this month to allow shooting to […]

Poisons disposal scheme introduced by the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government Press Release

Make use of free pesticide disposal scheme.

A scheme to get rid of illegal pesticides which could be used to poison wildlife, has been launched today.

The scheme will allow those who know, or suspect they are in possession of certain pesticides which are illegal, to dispose of them safely […]

Canadian Fishermen save bald eagle from drowning at sea

Canadian fisherman Dan Dunbar was cruising in a boat near Nanoose Bay, British Columbia when he spotted a young bald eagle floundering on the surface of the water. Although bald eagles are known to be quite capable swimmers, this particular bird appeared unable to take flight again, and was close to more mile from any […]

Bald Eagle Shot Dead in Kansas; Authorities Seek Killer

This adult male bald eagle was found shot to death on February 4th near a lake in Kansas. Wildlife officials are seeking information. Kansas wildlife officials are searching for the killers of a bald eagle that was found shot to death on February 4 at Marion Reservoir north of Wichita.

“Kansas Game Wardens are […]

New and Important petition calling for the British Government to send the killers of raptors to Prison.

This petition is very important and urgently needs YOUR help now. Please take a few minutes to sign and share on Twitter and FaceBook. If you care about the plight of ‘so called protected birds of prey‘, this petition may just be the spark to get the governments attention.

The […]