Malta: A Christmas gift for the island’s hunters….now avoided.

If I broke into your home and stole your jewellery and your television would you find it acceptable if I was later allowed to walk free, and keep your possessions, after paying a small fine? No, me neither. Yet this is exactly what has been proposed by a Maltese government official for hunters with illegally-shot […]

First Wildlife Vicarious Liability Conviction in Scotland

LANDOWNER Ninian Stewart sentenced yesterday (23/12/2014) after pleading guilty to being vicariously liable for Peter Finley Bells’ crime of poisoning and killing of a wild bird.

Ninian Robert Hathorn Johnston Stewart was convicted at Stranraer Sheriff Court on 23 December 2014 and fined a total of £675 today for four offences under Section 15A(1) […]

Hen Harriers, Langholm moor: Demonstration Project – Seven Year Review December 2014

This year has witnessed another poor report from Langholm blaming raptors for the destruction of adult Red Grouse with no evidence to support this claim at all in the 2014 report. Given the money spent [£3.5million] you would think they would have had evidence by now!! No, the report claims the habitat has been improved […]

East Devon celebrity falconer faked permits to take eagle on Titchmarsh TV show

TV Falconer Jonathan Marshall

A celebrity falconer’s media career is in ruins after he forged an animal passport for his Golden Eagle so he could appear on the BBC’ Alan Titchmarsh show.


Ross link as ‘knife-edge’ wildcat population thrown £1m lotto lifeline

Efforts to protect the wildcat have been given a major boost

A ground-breaking co-operative conservation project aimed at helping the threatened Scottish wildcat is celebrating a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of nearly £1 million.


BirdLife Malta denounces Government proposal to allow amnesty for illegal hunters

BirdLife director Steve Micklewright addresses journalists outside MEPA’s Hexagon Building. Photo by Ella Beeson

BirdLife Malta in a statement yesterday (15-12-2014) strongly condemned a Government proposal to grant an amnesty to hunters with protected birds in their collection, “effectively seeing them pardoned for past acts of illegal killing.”


Christmas and New Year Greetings from the Raptor Politics Team.

The whole team at Raptor Politics wish to extend our sincere thanks to all our followers, both here in the UK and abroad, for taking an interest in what we have to say about the plight of Britain’s birds of prey. Raptors throughout England’s northern uplands continue to experience terrible times, the result of […]

Defence advocate urged Scottish Sheriff not to allow video footage which could lead to the successful prosecution of Gamekeeper.

The RSPB Scotland is currently at the centre of a courtroom legal battle over secret filming on an Aberdeenshire estate without the landowner’s knowledge or permission. If the sheriff rules the video as admissible the evidence could result in the successful prosecution of a gamekeeper. A Scottish sheriff has been urged to allow the use […]

Tawny owl killed in woodland in Suffolk, two men arrested.

Tawny owl

Two men have been arrested in connection with a wildlife offence in Fakenham Magna. Police were called to an area of woodland in the village on Thursday December 4, to reports of the illegal trapping and killing of a tawny owl.

The men from the Thetford area, aged 35 […]

Mass rally in Westminster a wake-up call to politicians on nature TODAY. Tuesday 9 Deecember

Nature and wildlife-lovers are heading to the Houses of Parliament today [Tues 9 Dec] to shake politicians out of the Westminster bubble and get them to take nature seriously. Hundreds of people from across the country are joining the Rally for Nature, which will see them march to Parliament and challenge MPs from all […]