Gamekeeper’s conviction for poisoning birds of prey ‘a wake-up call’, warns judge

Guy Shorrock RSPB Investigations Officer.
The fine handed down equates to a value  of £84.50 per bird
A Norfolk gamekeeper intentionally poisoned ten buzzards plus one sparrowhawk and only received a 10 week suspended sentence plus a  fine of £930.  The conviction of Allen Lambert for deliberately killing 10 buzzards and a sparrowhawk should act as a “wake up call” to landowners, district judge Peter Veits said. The judge also commented that Lambert had crossed the line but failed to send the gamekeeper to prison. Just how many protected birds does someone have to kill before a custodial sentence is handed down?
 Judge Veits warned Britain’s rural aristocracy and the owners of the country’s great sporting estates they  to ensure that their employees obey the wildlife laws after a former gamekeeper was found guilty of poisoning 11 birds of prey on a Norfolk estate.
The RSPB described the incident, which took place at the 4,200-acre Stody Estate near Holt, as “the worst case of bird poisoning” ever detected in England and called for tougher laws to safeguard raptors from persecution.

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  • This is shameful and makes a mockery of the law, here we all are trying to protect our raptors and this evil, corrupt excuse for a human being who committed one of the worse acts of raptor persecution to escaped justice.

    This man should be in prison, who like many before him, received a slap on the wrist and will most likely carry on offending as his hatred for birds of prey is plain for all to see.

    I am very certain that Allen Lambert has tortured and killed more raptors than we will ever know about, he is an evil man and no mistake and by all accounts not well liked by many who knew and worked with him.

    This is a bitter blow for our wonderful raptors as this clearly gives the message to all raptor persecutors that they have nothing to fear from the law and they will carry on exterminating wildlife that doesn’t fit in with the shooting industry’s objectives.

    Perhaps this case should go to appeal as it is a travesty of justice and and bring shame on this country.

    Along with many other decent people I am very saddened and very angry.

  • Circus maxima

    Was the judge a shooter?

  • Its only going to get better when a judge has the balls to send one of these keepers to jail, but lets not hold our breath,because I and other Raptor researchers know this simply is not going to happen….I do most of my research in Co-Durham, from over twenty pairs of buzzards displaying in the spring, I can now only locate two pairs,four pairs of Goshawk are now down to one, and as for my Hen Harriers so far not one bird has returned to its wintering grounds,since they broke all records at the last grouse shoot at Bollihope over 4000 red grouse were shot.its not rocket science why our Raptors are disappearing….

    Editor’s Comment Nigel, we completely agree with your comments. Things are no better here in the NW of England where the disappearance of so called protected raptors on red grouse moors is common. Since 2010 the North West Raptor Protection Group have recorded the loss of at least fifteen pairs of peregrines from within Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. What is even more difficult to understand, these losses and the on-going theft of peregrine eggs from a number of sites in Bowland are not being recorded by the RSPB within their annual Crime report figures. So we now have a huge black hole where peregrines other protected raptors once existed, with no attempt to record these losses,we wonder why?

  • Falcoscot

    Crazy, if he’d taken chicks from a nest, put rings on them and sold them he would have gone to jail but because he’s killed them he gets off with a suspended sentence. How many “warnings” are people like this going to get before they start locking them up !

  • paul williams

    Let that be a lesson to Allen Lambert……And us.

  • M. Cooper

    I also live in Co. Durham on a moor adjacent to, but managed by a different estate. Despite the Red Kite project in Gateshead these birds are now failing to spread as expected, and certainly their performance is inferior to other release sites. On our(Edmundbyers)moor we rarely see either Kites or buzzards and this is widely believed to be because of persecution (RSPB and the Friends of the Red Kite agree with this).

    Nigel would you have any interest in helping the RSPB and the Friends of the Red Kite to obtain evidence which could perhaps stand up in court?

    If so, please leave a message on this board and we can perhaps meet without those involved making it difficult

  • thomas carroll

    We live in a vile and corrupt society that is hell bent on screwing your arse to the floor, what do you expect from a judicial system that is governed by money men within the corporations that are landowners and who pull the strings on the puppets we elect as our representatives to voice our opinions….and fail.

  • Message for M.cooper
    yes I will help email me via this website.

  • This is a disgrace and an utter sham!This is why Birds Of Prey ie Hen Harrier continue to be persecuted today,because the laws,sentencing and penalties in place ARE NOT ENFORCED!The people employed to enforce the Law and the people that are employed in the Courts have certainly got BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!What’s GREEN ABOUT THIS COUNTRY?