Gamekeeper’s conviction for poisoning birds of prey ‘a wake-up call’, warns judge

Guy Shorrock RSPB Investigations Officer. The fine handed down equates to a value of £84.50 per bird A Norfolk gamekeeper intentionally poisoned ten buzzards plus one sparrowhawk and only received a 10 week suspended sentence plus a fine of £930. The conviction of Allen Lambert for deliberately killing 10 buzzards and a sparrowhawk should […]

Malta:Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting replies to objections in court

The Coalition for the Abolition of Spring Hunting in Malta have submitted their replies to the objections filed last month in the Constitutional Court.

Photo: Turtle Doves by David Tipling.

“The replies are presented by the proposers of an abrogative referendum to abolish Spring Hunting to respond to objections filed […]