The shooting industry and their gamekeepers are the new Hen Harrier messiah

This week the Cumbrian News published yet another propaganda broadside by the shooting industry, this time from Robert Benson, the Moorland Association’s Cumbria based Chairman who tells us that science can break the deadlock between grouse shooting and conservation. The proposal is based upon a study suggesting that, under certain conditions, a shooting […]

Hen Harriers produce bumper number of 47 young at Langholm moor

THREE times as many young hen harriers have fledged since the start of the Langholm moorland demonstration project than in the previous seven years.

Simon Lester, head gamekeeper, admires the abundant cotton grass

Figures revealed to the Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser by project manager Graeme Dalby show there were 1.4 young fledged per […]

Maltese government rides rough shod over calls not to extend the Autumn hunting curfew until 7pm

BirdLife Malta concerned at decision to allow hunting till 7pm

Once again politics has taken over the debate in Malta allowing the present Autumn hunting curfew to be moved from 3pm, to 7pm in the evening just as many migrating raptors are roosting for the evening. This desision will allow the hunters more time each […]