The Pleasure Killers.

I’ve meant to write this for some time, but difficulties with broadband/internet facilities has dictated otherwise. That intervening period, however, has allowed me to return to the subject time and time again to ensure that the comments below are really what I think!! The conclusions are directed absolutely towards the motivations of people associated […]

Moorland without Gamekeepers would have less Bird life claims Matt Ridley.

We have added no comments because they are not necessary here. Read and then sit back in despair with a glass of something strong at what this Mr Ridley is telling us. What planet is this gentleman living on, and do other members of the shooting industry really believe this propaganda? Please feel […]

An immature peregrine falcon shot in Co Wexford, Ireland.

Shot Irish peregrine falcon with ring on leg which showed it was young and on one of its first flights. Photograph: Peter Murphy.

The Irish National Parks and Wildlife Service has appealed for information after a young peregrine falcon was illegally shot in Co Wexford. The young 3 month […]

Should the sale of Red Grouse for human consumption carry a Health Warning?

Many following the recent coverage of the Hen Harrier debate on our televisions will no doubt have watched the clip featured by one of the news channels last night on a grouse moor in Yorkshire yesterday. The programme showed a TV journalist with a gamekeeper walking across a purple heather landscape while following a grouse […]

Chris Packham’s BBC interview with Amanda Anderson, Director of the Moorland Association, 12 August

You can listen to the interview the BBC carried out yesterday with Chris Packham and Amanda Anderson Director of the Moorland Association on the current plight of England’s Hen Harriers on Red Grouse moors. The short debate will be available to listen to for the next 6 days only.