Hen Harrier: SGA Press Release written by Alex Hogg & Robin Page writing in Saturday’s Telegraph.

A Little Knowledge is DANGEROUS.

In a recent Press Release the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) Mr Alex Hogg, has suggested prospects for this year’s grouse shooting season in Scotland look good ahead of the Glorious Twelfth. Its not important we feel what Mr Hogg says, rather than what he does not say […]

Hen Harrier Historic Day of Public Protest, The Fight Back Begins: The meeting held at wind and rain soaked Dunsop Bridge

We wish to congratulate each and every person, organisers and supporters, who braved the atrocious weather conditions for turning out and supporting one of the three Hen Harrier Peaceful Protests held in Northumberland, Derbyshire and the Forest of Bowland. Each and everyone of you deserve a medal for a job well done. In particular we […]

The wonderful wildlife of Mull: Orcas – Always expect the unexpected

One of the most satisfying aspects of writing on this blog is to support and promote the work of up and coming wildlife conservationists. Today I am proud to say that I not only know Ewan Miles, but like many others who have met this inspiring young man, originating from the northern Pennines in […]

Malta: Birdlife charged over data ‘breach’ after helping BBC journalist

Birdlife Malta is being charged with an alleged breach of the Data Protection Act related to a series of videos by BBC journalist Chris Packham during the last spring hunting season.

Chris Peckham […]