New Raptor Web Site, ‘Raptors Alive’, well worth following

These days Raptors of all species can do with all the help we are able to provide, especially on Red Grouse Moors where their survival is much less than should be expected. Currently of the 77 historical peregrine nests that once existed on England’s upland’s used to shoot red grouse only 15 territories remain. Hen Harrier as we all know are now facing a critical future with only 3 successful breeding pairs in England this year. Hen Harriers are conspicuous because of their total absence from 99.9% of England’s moorland where red grouse are shot  because of direct persecution by Gamekeepers.

Please take  a few minutes to examine a new website – the site highlights many aspects and activities  that are going on at the moment says Mark Avery this week.

Importantly in the near future the site will provide everyone the ability to use their PC  to follow, in real time, the fate of satellite-tagged Hen Harriers and watch their progress through the year.

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