Driven Grouse Shooting Destroys Moorland Biodiversiy

There is no doubt in my mind the Hen Harrier is an iconic Bird of Prey, not least because it’s nearly extinct in England, but also because it’s a beautiful bird of prey, one that I had never seen in the wild before.

I decided I wanted to show my support for Hen Harrier day […]

Mull White-tailed Eagle Watch Update:Irresponsible Photographers Threaten recovery.

For some years I’ve been doing email updates each season to a large number of people who have been involved in Mull Eagle Watch over the years. Over time emails have changed, people have moved and so on, so the list is probably now very out of date. So instead I’ll post updates on Mull […]

Lush Cosmetics gets behind the Hen Harrier Campaign

This week Lush Cosmetics have launched a nation wide campaign in all their shops to bring the plight of the Hen Harrier to the attention of their thousands of customers. Hen Harrier display details like the one below are being placed in their shop windows on all the high streets, even in London. Raptor Politcs […]