Extensive criticism forces RSPB to reconsider their relationship with Hopetoun House estate linked to birds of prey persecution.

The RSPB is expected to stop using Lord Hopetoun’s stately home near Edinburgh as the venue for the annual Birdfair in the wake of fierce controversy over the estates’s links with the illegal persecution of birds of prey. Lord Hopetoun runs the Hopetoun House estate, on the Firth of Forth […]

Golden Eagle Chick rescues by Romanian conservation organisation after high winds damage nest.

The Milvus Group is a Romanian conservation organisation made up of activities which are organized within 11 Working Groups, each group deals with different facets of nature conservation as follows:

Amphibian & Reptile Conservation WG Birds & Powerlines WG Environmental Education WG Mammal Conservation WG Monitoring & Research WG Natura 2000 & Protected Areas WG […]

Red squirrels in Scotland are facing a threat from leprosy. Has this something to do with a lack of natural predators?

Scotland’s red squirrels, already in decline are now facing a new threat from a form of leprosy, according to scientists in Edinburgh.

Red squirrels in Scotland are being killed by a form of leprosy that makes them lose their fur and die after causing painful swelling to their noses, ears and feet. The new […]

Bring back the big cats: is it time to start rewilding Britain?

Rewilding means the mass restoration of damaged ecosystems. It involves letting trees return and allowing parts of the seabed to recover. Above all, it means bringing back missing species. The lynx may be brought back to Britain and areas of damaged landscape could be repaired. One of the few surviving accounts by the Britons of […]

Rare ‘golden eagle’ caught on camera by Ricky Shaw on way to work in Cheeseman’s Green Lane in Ashford

Video: The large bird spotted taking off from a hedge in Ashford

This video clip has emerged that appears to show a golden eagle or steppe eagle taking off from a hedge along a country lane.

The bird of prey – not rare, but not native to Kent – was spotted in […]

Moorland wildlife will only recover once the cause of the problem and main moorland predator, the gamekeeper, is removed.

The only way the moorland environment and it’s once numerous wildlife is ever going to return to the way it should be is to remove the main cause of the problem and the main moorland predator, that is the grouse moor gamekeeper.

Remove the gamekeeper and the moors will start their own regeneration and the […]

A tale of two gamekeepers, lots of grouse and big coveys

The call of the moors while the heather is in bloom and there was a chance of hearing a grouse, curlew, snipe or lapwing calling was irresistible. Don’t tell my wife, but I declined an invitation to join a family party in Paris this week because the moors will always be No […]

A new book called ‘H’ is for Goshawk-Review by John Miles

‘H’ is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald Published by Jonathan Cape August 2014

Hardback Price £14.99 ISBN 9780224097000

A friend put me onto this book and at first glance you have not to be put off by the cover which is a hawk of sorts but does not reflect the writing inside. May be not […]

Golden Eagle captured by static camera in Russian forest killing Sika deer

Something about the dead deer didn’t seem right to biologist Linda Kerley. The carcass, splayed out in the snow of Russia’s Lazovskii State Nature Reserve, was picked clean save for hide and bone. But Kerley saw no signs that a large predator—such as the Amur tigers that she had come to study—had brought […]

Radioactive Lynx returns to Chernobyl, view the short video.