Red Grouse sales by Marks & Spencer shot to pieces after wide public outcry

It just goes to show how public pressure can lead to minor miracles. Mark Avery this morning has announced on his blog ‘Standing up for Nature’, that Marks & Spencer has taken notice of consumer pressure abandoning plans to sell red grouse in its stores this year. This result was undoubtedly achieved after the […]

Driven Red Grouse Shooting: The ‘tipping point’ by Steve Mills

Is the clock ticking for grouse shooting? Or at least for ‘driven grouse shooting’, the more intensive form where the need for large numbers of grouse to be available for shooting creates ‘Dalek-like gamekeepers’ with a one-word vocabulary, ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’ And that’s exactly what happens. Anything that might remotely eat a grouse chick is ruthlessly […]

Hen Harrier Peaceful Day of Protest, in the heart of England, Dunsop Bridge 10 August

A PEACEFUL day of protest is set to be held in the Ribble Valley to highlight the ‘plight’ of the Hen Harrier. Hundreds of people are expected to attend the event in Dunsop Bridge, organised by the North West Raptor Protection Group. The protest on the village green has been planned to coincide with National […]

The appalling truth: Eagle mortalities brought about by corruption within America’s Wind Farm industry.

Raptor Politics received the following information detailing the corruption of an industry which is hiding most mortality levels of both Golden and Bald-headed Eagles killed by turbines throughout America. Can this happen in Britain, the answer is yes. Read the full articles you will be shocked at what you are being told.

The Voice of […]

Malta: Police ordered to investigate BirdLife over possession of protected birds

A magistrate has ordered the Police Commissioner to follow up a hunters’ federation FKNK’s report that Birdlife Malta was involved in the illegal possession of the dead and injured protected birds that it had recovered and being cared for after being shot.

Politics rather than common sense rules in Malta, […]

Dyfi Osprey Web Can, Chicks ready to fledge, not to be missed.

Dyfi Ospreys – Live Streaming, Very Noisy birds at the moment

Click here to view all the action, or lack off it as the two chicks sleep.

Breeding sea eagles become Fife tourist attraction

The first pair of sea eagles to breed in the east of Scotland for almost 200 years have become a tourist attraction.

Sea Eagle Reintroduction now bringing tourists into Eastern Scotland to admire these wonderful birds.


Hen Harrier Day of Peaceful Protest, Order your T-Shirts

Throughout the last two weeks many people who will be supporting the National Hen Harrier Peaceful Day of Protest have been asking where can they order and buy their Hen Harrier T-Shirt. The North West Raptor Protection Group have been approved by BAWC (Birders Against Wildlife Crime), to sell their own T-Shirt design for the […]

Mark Avery introduces the latest in the series of PodCasts produced by BAWC

Tonight Mark Avery has published on his blog, Standing up for Nature, the latest PodCast interview by Charlie Moores with veteran Raptor worker Terry Pickford, founder member of the North West Raptor Protection Group.

In 1967 Terry along with a number of like minded bird of prey experts founded the NWRPG in an attempt to […]

RSPB picks a fight over grouse shooting amid claims of politicking.

Congratulations are due to the RSPB as the Society are being accused by the shooting community of becoming more “noisy” over its political stance on issues such as grouse shooting.

Only 3 pairs of Hen Harrier successfully reared young in England this year […]