The only pair of Golden Eagles successful rear young for the second season in the Czech Republic

Throughout the last 3 years we have been following efforts by scientists in the Czech Republic to reintroduce the golden eagle back into the wild with eaglets donated by colleagues in Slovakia. The last time a pair of Golden Eagle successfully reared any off-spring  in the republic was in 1893, 120 years ago.

Last year the first successful eyrie was located in northern Moravia fledging a single eaglet. Once again this year we are able to report a second success, but at a new location established in dense forest. Indeed the new eyrie was so well hidden it took almost 5 weeks of searching to locate the nest, by which time it already contained a well developed chick. We wish to thank the project leader Otakar Zavalski for providing the latest up to date video taken of the growing eaglet in his new home. We trust you will enjoy what we have been able to show you this season.

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