Hen Harrier Day Supporters sat outside refurbished grouse Butts

Here is the latest image of supporters and members of the North West Raptor Protection Group sitting outside a recently refurbished Grouse Butt in the Forest of Bowland where on the 12 August the killing of thousands of Red Grouse will begin. This is the reason why the Hen Harrier is now on the verge of extinction throughout England. Please come and support us at Dunsop Bridge in the Forest of Bowland, Derbyshire and in Northumberland on 10 August to voice your disapproval at the illegal killing of Hen Harriers on our uplands.



2 comments to Hen Harrier Day Supporters sat outside refurbished grouse Butts

  • NickM

    Any idea how many grouse butts for driven grouse shooting there are in the Forest of Bowland?

    In the Peak District we now know there are 1,220 butts marked on Ordnance Survey maps. Of these, over 300 are on land owned by The National Trust. http://ow.ly/zZX2t (All mapped here to about 60 metre accuracy).

    We were going to buy our two young children a xmas present each of life membership of the National Trust. I’ve now decided to wait to see how they implement their “Vision for the High Peak Moors” with respect to grouse shooting before going ahead with that one. If the tenant’s are allowed to get away with murder, they’ll not be getting two already keen NT members for life.

    Editor’s Comment. No idea how many butts there are in Bowland, but we are sure its many hundred. A large proportion are in need of major renovation. We can tell you the gamekeepers working for the Duke of Westminster have been busy spending a lot of money bringing several lines of butts up to a very high standard.

    We congratulate your reservation not to purchase life NT memberships for your two children at this time.

  • paul williams

    Solidarity Nick….I have Issues with Lancashire Wildlife Trust at Brockholes, Preston.Too much money spent on a visitors center…and not enough on the reserve.