Natural England has become a gopher of the landed classes claims George Monbiot

Stand up for England’s wildlife instead of capitulating to the lords of the land and their business interests. Listening to the National Farmers’ Union, the Countryside Alliance and the Country Land and Business Association, you could be forgiven for believing that the only people who live in […]

Hen Harrier Day Supporters sat outside refurbished grouse Butts

Here is the latest image of supporters and members of the North West Raptor Protection Group sitting outside a recently refurbished Grouse Butt in the Forest of Bowland where on the 12 August the killing of thousands of Red Grouse will begin. This is the reason why the Hen Harrier is now on the verge […]

Defra report to control Hen Harrier numbers on Grouse moors: Possibly a step too far!

Hen Harriers nesting on England’s uplands could have their nests stripped of eggs under a government-backed plan is approved to resolve the growing conflict between commercial grouse moors and bird conservation groups. If the Tory Government approve these proposals enabling shooting estates to legally control numbers of Hen Harrier on England’s uplands where Red […]