Southern Lake District – Foulshaw Moss Osprey Chicks fledged yesterday 25/07/2014

Well it had to happen. The only images coming back from Foulshaw Moss osprey cam now are that of an empty nest. Yes all our chicks had successfully fledged by mid-day on 24th July. Two chicks went first and it took the last of our three chicks a further day before the courage arrived to make that first take-off. All five osprey are now roostng on site and can be seen flying to and from their feeding forays. Lets hope the new additions to the sky get the hang of feeding for themselves quickly. We expect the female to now think of making the long trip to western Africa. She will eventually be followed by the male and then all three chicks. And so ends a wonderful wildlife conservation story until next year …

Well done to everyone involved in this historic event, especially the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust

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