Malta: Charging activists is a ‘birdbrained’ idea

Birdlife members have often brought the plight of injured and killed protected birds to public attention. Photo:?Chris Sant Fournier

The 2012 photo that ‘incriminated’ the NGO’s volunteers.

“Legally correct but illogical” is how lawyers described a magistrate’s decision to order the police to charge six Birdlife activists with illegal possession of […]

Birdlife Malta receives award ‘for commitment to abolish spring hunting’


BirdLife Malta has received an award from the League Against Cruel Sports, “for its exceptional work and commitment to abolishing spring hunting on the Maltese islands”.

The award follows the League’s trip to the island in April to support Birdlife’s campaign to end the annual, three week spring hunt of migratory birds.

During the […]

Red Grouse sales by Marks & Spencer shot to pieces after wide public outcry

It just goes to show how public pressure can lead to minor miracles. Mark Avery this morning has announced on his blog ‘Standing up for Nature’, that Marks & Spencer has taken notice of consumer pressure abandoning plans to sell red grouse in its stores this year. This result was undoubtedly achieved after the […]

Driven Red Grouse Shooting: The ‘tipping point’ by Steve Mills

Is the clock ticking for grouse shooting? Or at least for ‘driven grouse shooting’, the more intensive form where the need for large numbers of grouse to be available for shooting creates ‘Dalek-like gamekeepers’ with a one-word vocabulary, ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’ And that’s exactly what happens. Anything that might remotely eat a grouse chick is ruthlessly […]