4 Nestling Peregrines all found dead in Welsh Quarry nesting site

A few days ago when Kelvin Jones, BTO Wales, was visiting a Welsh quarry where a few weeks before he had counted 4 healthy chicks in the nest, we found all the chicks dead in the nest. It is strongly suspected the young falcons had been illegally killed.

4 Welsh […]

The Golden eagle ‘can return to south of Scotland’

The south of Scotland could once again become a stronghold for golden eagles, so says a new report. The study has also raised the possibility of the species returning in large numbers to the north of England.


Listen to the Hen Harrier Podcast on the Birders Against Wildlife Crime web site

We invite our followers to listen to the four recorded Podcasts which have been published by Birders Against Wildlife Crime on their web site during the past week or so. You will hear Charlie Moores a founder members of BAWC interviewing 4 different individuals about Hen Harrier and their persecution taking place on England’s upland […]