Hen Harrier Protest Day Forest of Bowland 10 August – Order Your T-Shirt

Throughout the last two weeks many people who will be supporting the National Hen Harrier Peaceful Day of Protest have been asking where can they order and buy their Hen Harrier T-Shirt. The North West Raptor Protection Group have been approved by BAWC (Birders Against Wildlife Crime), to sell their own T-Shirt design for the next ten days only at a price of £15 plus postage. Orders  to  Bowland-HenHarrier-Demo@Sky.com


The price per shirt includes a sum of £5 which will be donated towards costs incurred by BAWC which the group have spent organising the Hen Harrier Peaceful Protest Day; these costs have not been cheap, mostly from their own pocket. Sizes available: small, medium, large and XL.

Any orders received after the next ten days may be too late for delivery before the 10 August 


6 comments to Hen Harrier Protest Day Forest of Bowland 10 August – Order Your T-Shirt

  • liz snell

    We can’t be with you on the 10th but wish you a huge turn-out and loads of publicity. We are lucky to enjoy persecution- free harriers here in Wales; the UK government must get a grip on this blatant abuse of the law in England.

    Editor’s Comment. Liz we appreciate your comment, we assure you we will pass on your good wishes the the North West Raptor Protection Group who will be on the Front Line in Bowland on the 10 August.

  • S Broadbent

    I was thrilled to read the one sided article in the Clitheroe Advertiser last week. Having lived in Bowland for the last 30 years and shooting Grouse on Saddle Fell some thirty years ago when I used to see lots of Grouse ‘no more’ and lots of Hen Harriers equally I walk my dogs on Newton Fell which is not or wasn’t keepered until very recently.

    There is a massive upturn of Buzzards in Bowland you never used to see them 30 years ago how do explain that.

    Please don’t blame the shooting community for the huge decline the vast majority of us are active conservationists.

    Editor’s Comment. Thanks for your valued comment. The blame for the loss of Hen Harriers and Peregrines from Bowland is the result of persecution. There is sufficient scientific evidence that concludes these two species are absent from most moorland areas where driven grouse shooting takes place. We are aware many shooters are angry at the illegal actions of many gamekeepers who bring shame on the sport.

    Buzzards appear to be increasing all over the country, however they are still be shot, trapped and poisoned in many areas.

    We are told that this season has been one of the best for red grouse in the Forest of Bowland, it will be interesting to discover what numbers are shot this season.

  • Laura

    What’s the parking situation like at Dunsop Bridge?

    Editor’s Comment. There is a public pay and display with toilets across from the green, further off road parking to the left hand side of Puddle ducks cafe. We suggest you arrive early.

  • I’d like to come to this event – do we have to book as I notice the Peak District event is publiced as being full?

    Editor’s Comment. Linda, As you say the Peak District event is now full, your other options are to join the event at Dunsop Bridge in the Forest of Bowland, or the Northumberland event.

  • Alison Warburton

    We came to the event at Dunsop Bridge about lunchtime yesterday to offer our support but there was no sign of anything happening. Was this event cancelled?

    Editor’s Comment. Hi Alison, The Bowland event began at 10.00 am and went on in the rain until 12.30 pm. Because of the atrocious conditions the organisers had no alternative to call a halt because most people were getting soaked through to the skin by this timet. The free hen harrier walk had already been abandoned because the nesting birds had already departed from the nestling area. We are told that the talk and the free raffle went ahead as planned. The event closed after a 30 minutes of questions and answers.

  • Alison Warburton

    Many thanks for your reply. It’s understandable that weather impacted on the event. Let’s hope that given the success of the nests this year, all the fledglings will be left in peace to have young of their own!

    Editor’s Comment.Thanks Alison for your understanding, we have passed on your comments to the North West Raptor Protection Group who are already looking forward to next years protest, somewhere dryer we hope.