Bumper Hen Harrier season at Langholm being reported

Update on an amazing season for the  Langholm Hen Harriers –  this year it is reported that so far there are 9 active Hen Harrier nests, 8 of which have already hatched or are in the process of hatching – including  one female that has only just started to incubate a fresh cluch of eggs. Just goes to show what a vole plague can do along with a good spring and a dedicated team.

hen harrier terry-

Hen Harrier feeding chicks at Langholm-Courtesy of Terry Pickford


If the images of one nest containing 5 chicks is repeated in all the other 8 nests (harriers can lay 6 eggs), there could a potential for forty five or even more Hen Harrier chicks produced by Langholm Harriers this year. What a success, that will cost as much as £120,000 to satellite each Harrier chick.  Read all about the Langholm success here and view the nest videos.

Footage obtained by the  Hen Harrier nest camera is being shown in the Eskdale Hotel on  Langholm High street, anyone interested is asked to drop to the hotel for tea and cake or sit back and enjoy a pint while watching the chicks in the nest.  Here is a taster of the views we have been enjoying.  It is such a privilege to work with such a wonderful bird and a fantastic team of people on the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project.

Could Potential Danger Lie Ahead.

What future is in store for all Hen Harrier chicks produced this year, will most survive to breed, or will many of this year’s chicks simply  disappear? If past evidence is anything to go by the shooting fraternity could have a field day.Lets just hope this does not happen and that lessons have been learned by the moorland owners and their gamekeepers.


While vole numbers are high at Langholm at the moment raptors are making the most of them including the Harriers. Barn owls broods in the area are between four and seven which is incredible, and will hopefully help the population recover from a couple of bad winters in previous years.


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  • Falcoscot

    Just goes to show what happens when keepers are prevented from killing them !
    And how many days shooting are there going to be on Langholm this season ?