Update on American GOLDEN EAGLE found alive 27 days after losing wing to wind turbine.

(UPDATE:  Since many of you have asked about what eventually happened to this golden eagle, we asked for more information and here it is. — 

“After inspecting the bird’s injuries, including the loss of a wing, it was determined that the wing discovered earlier had come from this bird.  The injured eagle was taken to the Sulphur Creek Nature Center for rehabilitation and subsequent permanent placement in a wildlife facility.”

For the Altamont study it did not count as a wind turbine fatality because the eagle lived. I have more news about this eagle.   It was an immature and I believe its parents were feeding their grounded offspring otherwise it would have died during this time period. I have seen similar behavior with other birds and raptors. —  Editor

The right wing of this golden eagle was discovered at Altamont wind farm on March 13 near a turbine declared “safer” for raptors by the wind industry.  The injured eagle was captured 27 days later on April 9.  

The wandering and starving eagle was also found hundreds of meters from any wind turbines. This is significant because most of the wandering dead are not accounted for in wind industry studies.  Wind turbines victims like this golden eagle and endangered species travel great distances away from the wind industry’s tiny search areas used to conceal wind farm mortality.

 golden eagle wing

This is just one of the many thousands of eagles that have been smashed out of the sky by wind turbines across the United States, is it happening in Scotland?

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