The only breeding pair of Golden Eagles in Czech Republic set up new eyrie

Last year we published the exciting news that a pair of Golden Eagles had successfully rear a single chick in the Czech Republic, the first successful breeding inside the Republic since 1893. You can read the 2013 story plus images here.  This year the breeding pair moved to a completely new territory high in the mountains in northern Moravia. For five weeks scientists were unable to locate the new eyrie because of the dense forest in which the new nesting territory had been established. When finally the new nest was located it already contained a two week old eaglet.


The latest 2014 breeding video can be viewed here.

Interestingly two days ago, the male eagle brought in a rare item of prey to feed the eaglet, a racoon dog.

We wish to thanks Otakar Zavalsky, Golden Eagle Reintroduction Project Leader, Czech Republic, for allowing Raptor Politics to publish this story and video.

Below more video of the Czech Republic Golden Eagle reintroduction project.


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