Update on American GOLDEN EAGLE found alive 27 days after losing wing to wind turbine.

(UPDATE: Since many of you have asked about what eventually happened to this golden eagle, we asked for more information and here it is. —

“After inspecting the bird’s injuries, including the loss of a wing, it was determined that the wing discovered earlier had come from this bird. The injured eagle was taken […]

The only breeding pair of Golden Eagles in Czech Republic set up new eyrie

Last year we published the exciting news that a pair of Golden Eagles had successfully rear a single chick in the Czech Republic, the first successful breeding inside the Republic since 1893. You can read the 2013 story plus images here. This year the breeding pair moved to a completely new territory high in the […]

Utah’s First Condor Chick, the First in the State Since Reintroduction

A cooperative venture between US wildlife conservation and public land management agencies excitedly and optimistically reports that a California condor has apparently hatched in the wild in the state of Utah for the first time since an experimental population was released in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona in 1996. Biologists are waiting to […]