Natural England Decision on buzzard control licence application made

5 June 2014

BuzzardOn 23 April 2014 Natural England received an application for a licence to cage trap and shoot ten common buzzard (Buteo buteo ) in the vicinity of a site which has experienced loss to pheasant poults in recent years.

The application had been made by the operator of a pheasant rearing and shooting business on the site and is supported by the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation. After careful consideration, Natural England has concluded that the application does not meet the criteria that would permit lethal control to be licensed.

The only sensible option really was taken. Let hope Natural England reject any similar   application they receive????

It is our firm belief that all licence applications received by Natural England seeking to legally destroy protected bird of prey simply to protect game birds which end up being blasted to death, must and should be rejected.

2 comments to Natural England Decision on buzzard control licence application made

  • nirofo

    Nirofo, we have added your comment as a story, what you say is so important, thank you, Editor

  • woody

    U need to av a set of balls all get togeher n invade the tallio s brigrade land whilst the idiots r avin one of there shoots get some media attention n tell the public wat they r up to before its to late for our raptors