Volunteers angry at rumour-mongering attributing bird deaths to Tollie Red Kite Centre

RSPB Scotland red kite volunteers have strongly criticised anonymous “rumour-mongers” who have attributed the deaths of 16 red kites and six buzzards to contaminated meat being distributed at the Tollie Red Kites visitor centre.


Ten reasons why you should sign an e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting in England

Mark Avery promised to deliver 10 reasons why driven grouse shooting in England should be banned, well he made good on that promise by delivering a few more reasons. Can you think of a few more that Mark has omitted, if you can let us know. You can read the […]

Police Scotland – Highland and Islands Division: News Item

Police Scotland seek to reassure public of ongoing wildlife crime investigation

Police Scotland Highland and Islands Division are seeking to reassure the public that enquiries are still ongoing into a wildlife crime investigation regarding the death of birds of prey in the Ross-shire area. […]

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is complacent in awarding pheasant shooting a glowing report card (“Managing pheasants benefits all wildlife”

The history of human releases of non-native species into the environment is a litany of species loss and ecosystem damage. Yet inspection of the trust’s own National Gamebag Census reveals that the UK leaves the rest of the world trailing in terms of the sheer scale of release of non-native gamebirds.

A message to Natural England from one of our followers.

A cull of Buzzards or any other Raptor for that matter should never ever even be considered regardless of whether Pheasants, Partridges or Red grouse are concerned. Our Raptors are supposed to be legally protected and as such should be totally immune from any persecution.

Natural England / SNH should tell the shooting estates, syndicates […]

Natural England Decision on buzzard control licence application made

5 June 2014

On 23 April 2014 Natural England received an application for a licence to cage trap and shoot ten common buzzard (Buteo buteo in the vicinity of a site which has experienced loss to pheasant poults in recent years.

The application had been made by the operator of a pheasant rearing and shooting […]

Defra about to save hen harriers by Andrew Gilruth?

There is a very interesting article published today on the official Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust blog. Its all about Defra’s plans to return the Hen Harrier back to the moorlands of England. This information is not new, we need action not just words. First we had Natural England’s Hen Harrier Recovery Project costing hundreds […]

Malta: Ornis, the consultative body on hunting regulations, announces 2014 trapping season.

The Malta Ornis Committee has recommended in principle the application of a derogation under Article 9(1)(c) of the Birds Directive to permit, under strictly supervised conditions and in small numbers, the limited live-capture of seven species of finches beginning in autumn 2014.

One of many trapped wheaters on Malta