Wildlife groups warn of threat to British peatlands that give clean water and store CO2

England’s upland peatlands are so badly neglected that just 4 per cent are in good ecological condition, a coalition of water companies and wildlife groups warns today.

Arguing that peatlands are the “UK’s rainforests”, the coalition, which includes United Utilities and the RSPB, points out that they store hundreds of thousands of tonnes of […]

RSPB Scotland calls for action to protect hen harriers

RSPB Scotland is calling for more sporting estates to take action to protect the country’s hen harriers during the breeding season. The conservation charity says grouse moor managers and gamekeepers must do more to prevent illegal persecution, following a 20% decline in the population between 2004 and 2010.


Gamekeepers build war chest to fight off buzzard threat to their pheasant poults.

Short Video in which one gamekeeper claims he is close to ruin because of Buzzards killing his pheasant poults. What we would like to know, who is feeding this Buzzards with steroids? If anyone comes across one of these special birds we urge you to keep well away as you too may be killed and […]

Northern Ireland: Inishowen buzzard project is launched

An “exciting” new research project being undertaken by the Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group, which focuses on Inishowen’s buzzard population, has begun in earnest in the peninsula. The Inishowen Buzzard Project recently tagged eight of the birds of prey in an initiative which is the first of its kind in Donegal.


Grouse moor licensing – beware the unintended consequences according to BASC

The uplands of England SSSi’s SPA’s yet no Hen Harrier and few Peregrines

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has warned that calls for the licensing of grouse moors would have significant unintended consequences, causing a loss of valuable habitat and biodiversity and leading to unemployment and rural depopulation.


Wrong-doers in the Forest of Bowland

Some of our readers may be aware that I have been having a discussion with a gentleman on the Lancashire Evening Post Letters Page by SteveHalliwell, Secretary Preston Bird Watching & Natural History Society The story so far:

ORIGINAL LETTER:- MY REPLY:- L.E.P. Friday 30th December 2011 MR GITTIN’S SUBSEQUENT REPLY:- L.E.P. Wednesday 11th January […]

Island of Mull: Golden Eagles nest interfered with to prevent breeding

According to the RSPB the police are investigating the deliberate interference with a golden eagles’ nest on Mull to prevent the pair of birds from breeding.


Shooting supporter launches counter E-Petition to keep Grouse Shooting

Reading the content within this new petition makes one wonder what all the fuss is about, has Mark Avery somehow got it all wrong, does the scientific evidence all stack up, or is the Hen Harrier in safe hands after all.


Update: Sweden to introduce major cull of apex predators, including Golden Eagle, Lynx, Wolverine, Bears and Wolves.

In October last year we published an article about Sweden’s intention to cull a number of major apex predators, including Golden Eagle, Lynx, wolverine, bears and wolves. We recently received an interesting comment which was too long from Karen Nichols who had lived in Sweden for 14 years. Because the comment Karen submitted was so […]

Scottish gamekeepers hit back at RSPB over accusations of Hen Harrier shooting

An argument has broken out between the RSPB and gamekeepers over the illegal killing of Hen Harrier in Scotland last year.