Polish Golden Eagle poisonings-rescued male released back into the wild this week.

On the 16 March we published details of a second breeding pair of Golden Eagles which had been found poisoned during the last 4 years in the Magura National Park Poland. Sadly the female eagle from the second pair could not be saved and died. The full story can be followed here.


Isle of Man Study Supports Red Grouse Reintroduction

A study of the Isle of Man has recommended reintroducing red grouse to boost the island’s dwindling population of the bird. The Manx Uplands report, compiled by Professor Jim McAdam, said in the past three years breeding had declined. Research suggests the fall in grouse population was “almost entirely due to predation by harriers and […]

Pair of Ospreys take up residence in South Cumbria

A picture from the camera overlooking the nest at Foulshaw Moss

Bird watchers from far and wide have been keeping their eyes on the skies for a glimpse of the Bassenthwaite ospreys since they began nesting in 2001 in the northern Lake District. But now a pair of Osprey have been seen in the […]

Cyprus: First ever prison sentence handed down to bird trapper

The bases claimed last month that 132 people have been convicted for bird trapping over the past four years. “This is the first time in the history of the Sovereign Bases Area that someone has received a prison sentence for this type of crime. It is a serious offence for which the SBA has […]

Call for killing of birds deemed health hazard splits conservationists

Some of Britain’s most familiar species, such as the robin and starling, could end up in the firing line under new measures to allow destruction of nests and eggs if they present a danger

The robin, one of the species Natural England thinks might present a hazard. […]

Pair of Bearded vultures in France’s Vanoise National Park desert nest containing chick because of human disturbance.

Photo Bruno Barthemy

Four pairs of bearded vultures now occur in Savoie (French Alps), and all was set for them to raise one chick each this season– a record number of chicks in the region. Bearded vultures went extinct in the Alps in 1913, but started to be reintroduced there in 1986, in a […]

Politics and spring hunting by Steve Micklewright Executive Director of Birdlife Malta.

As spring fades into the distance, like the fading of the Maltese landscape from green to brown, there is much to celebrate about the resilience of nature in the face of the onslaught brought every year by spring hunting. Black-winged stilts are once again attempting to breed at G?adira nature reserve, despite four birds being […]

The sun brings out the Skydancer in the Forest of Bowland.

Just a few weeks ago we published details about the single Hen Harrier observed Skydancing in the Derbyshire Peak district. Disappointingly it now appears the female was playing fast and loose eventually leaving the displaying male all alone without a mate. Then we highlighted the high incidence of Hen Harriers at Langholm moor this spring, […]

Skies Darken for the Skydancer – Article written by Simon Phelps

Simon is a conservationist, wildlife photographer and passionate naturalist. He currently works for the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (views his own) and spends as much of his free time out on nature reserves around the country photographing any wildlife he can find. To follow more of his writing you can follow him on Twitter: @wildlifephelps

Montague’s Harrier UK Sightings Hotline opens

Farmers and birdwatchers are being urged to keep a lookout for Montagu’s harriers – the rarest breeding bird of prey in the UK, which nests almost entirely on arable farmland.