Snares are registered to responsible users claims gamekeepers – are they taking the Michael, or simply having a laugh?

Following the story last week of a fox that died after becoming caught in an illegal snare near Parton, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association have responded with criticism of the SSPCA who asked the public to report suspicious snares.

 Fox in Snare

This is the Reality and Cruelty inflicted by Snaring

A spokesman from the association said: “The Scottish Gamekeepers Association advocates legal snaring practices and is one of the government-approved bodies in providing snare training and certification across Scotland.

“The use of legal traps and snares by trained operators, approved under license by Scottish Natural Heritage, is a vital tool in conservation and predator control.

“Without being able to use snares, wildlife managers would find it very difficult to control, under licence, the abundant predatory species in our countryside which can have a serious affect on populations of more vulnerable wildlife such as wading birds, songbirds, black grouse and red squirrels.

“Whilst we agree that snares set illegally, by those not trained to use them, are wrong, we feel it is irresponsible that the SSPCA should be encouraging the public to report all snares, as was suggested by the story, whether illegally set or not.

“All snare operators are issued with a registration number by the police when they become certified to use them and this number will be on all snares set legally.

“We would like to remind the public that tampering, moving or interfering with legally set traps and snares, whether well intended or not, is a criminal offence.”

The fox was found to have suffered prolonged and painful injuries and had to be put to sleep by SSPCA vets.

Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said at the time: “We are asking members of the public to contact us if they see a snare and have any suspicions as to whether it is legally set.

“Local dog and cat owners should also be extra vigilant when allowing their pets outdoors as there could still be other live snares in the area.

Badger in Snare

The illegal snaring is not restricted to Scotland, this activity is widespread, take a look at a Badger snared in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland. Can you imagine the suffering this animal endured before it finally died? When found the Badger corpse had been in the snare for at least one week.

“While snaring continues, suffering will continue and that is why we are in favour of an outright ban on the use of snares in Scotland.”

15 comments to Snares are registered to responsible users claims gamekeepers – are they taking the Michael, or simply having a laugh?

  • Terry Pickford, North West Raptor Protection Group

    “We would like to remind the public that tampering, moving or interfering with legally set traps and snares, whether well intended or not, is a criminal offence.”

    May I also remind the SCA, trapping, shooting and poisoning of protected raptors is also a criminal offence but hell, who cares about that minor point?

  • nirofo

    Snares are nothing more than barbaric instruments of torture that should be totally banned. Just because they may have been set by people trained to do so doesn’t make them any less barbaric, it only points to the sort of minds that the people using these devices must have when they obviously care little for the suffering they are causing. There is no justification for the continued use of snares in this day and age of so-called enlightenment regardless of whether a person is trained, qualified and licenced or otherwise. They should be relegated to the dustbin of distasteful things still lingering on from the Victorian era.

  • Daniel Marsden

    nirofo is right on the money. Well said!

  • Bill smith

    Ha!, can you tell me any other effective means of control? Do not say shooting because if you do you are showing your ignorance yet again. The snare is very humane if checked regular and set in the correct places.

    • nirofo

      Why do you need to control predators at all, it’s only because the numbers of the grossly over pampered and over populated Red Grouse and other so called game birds need to be kept at a naturally unsustainable level for the paying guns to shoot. What gives gamekeepers the right to take it upon themselves to slaughter our protected wildlife under the mistaken belief that they are natures true balancers. Nature is well able to control itself if it’s left to it’s own devices, it’s only when the human influence rears it’s ugly head that nature becomes unbalanced.

  • paul williams

    Bill Smith…The pain you have inflicted on Gods creatures will be felt by you one day…Be ready!

  • kevin moore

    What goes through the mind of someone who sets a trap like this knowing it will cause pain and suffering they must have an evil side to them,and all so ignorant toffs can shoot grouse.

  • Thomas Carroll

    Ha!!!! If you do you are showing your ignorance (again???) Very Humane!!! This Bill Smith could do with showing respect for wild life and his fellow man. A lesson in social and communication skills, But most of all, an assessment for his psychotic tendency towards animals.

  • Bill smith

    Hope your houses get over run with rats you are all so narrow minded. Let’s see what happens then. The snare is not only used to protect game birds, what about the hill farmer protecting his lambs or don’t any of you eat lamb? Also the free range chicken farms for eggs or meat, none of you eat them either? These men have to make a living too. If they didn’t protect their stock they wouldn’t be financially viable. Would love to see your faces if you actually seen the mass slaughter some predators can be capable of. Don’t know why I even bother trying with you lot because ignorance comes through every time. I have caught. Hundreds of fox’s in snares and I still stand by my word and say that if they are used in the correct places and checked as they should be they ARE humane.

  • nirofo

    “Would love to see your faces if you actually seen the mass slaughter some predators can be capable of”

    I’ve seen the mass slaughter some humans are capable of far more so than any so-called predator.

    Nobody is saying Foxes shouldn’t be controlled to some point where necessary, just not to mass destruction as some people such as yourself would like, especially not by using barbaric snares and spring traps, there are more humane methods that work very well, but then they are not as cruel.

    I’ve never heard of anyone using snares for rats, but you live and learn. One of your predators, the cat, does a good job with rats and mice, problem is you probably snare them as well !!!

  • Coop

    Yep, less Foxes, more rats. What a clown!

  • Thomas Carroll

    Man is the top predator, and we can all see on here what he is capable of….And the audacity of not knowing the correct definition of ” HUMANE”

  • Bill smith

    If we are causing mass destruction of the fox then how come they are rising in number steadily each year? Get an insight in to what goes on before you create an opinion. It can take weeks to catch a fox even months. Do you realise that we don’t go and set 10 snares and catch 10 fox’s ? Clueless ignorant people. It is also illegal to use spring traps to catch fox’s, thought you would have known!

    • nirofo

      I wish I could post photos on this web page, if I could I would show you what is done to Foxes in the name of “pest control”. I could show you several photos of keepers gibbets, yes they still have them even today, some with as many as 26 Foxes hung there, all relatively freshly killed, not weeks or months apart. Now you’re not telling me that is just controlling a few Foxes to protect livestock, that is deliberately going out to kill as many of these animals as they can because that is what they enjoy doing. Just because it’s illegal to use spring traps to catch Foxes doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t happen, it’s illegal to kill Raptors but it doesn’t stop the keepers from persecuting them. Foxes are not the only wildlife to suffer at the hands of the keepers, once again I have photos of gibbets with 56 Hooded Crows and 16 Foxes, another one with more than 30 Stoats, Weasels and Grey Squirrels and another with 12 Moles. I wonder what sort of predation on livestock do the Moles get up to? The point is the numbers of so-called “controlled” predators killed by keepers and others is disgustingly huge and has had the effect of changing the natural order, particularly on well keepered shooting estates. I’ve seen and photographed all this because I’m a Clueless ignorant person who doesn’t know any better!!!

  • Thomas Carroll

    Bill, the reason there is a steady rise in the population of Foxes is because the have had enough of your barbaric ways and gone urban. They have gone urban because mentally sane human beings are of awe of the beauty of wildlife. You having nothing more than your Landlord to squirm to, must do as you are bid..Jobsworth.