New petition launched calling for a total ban on all Driven Red Grouse shooting in England

We have just been informed by Dr Mark Avery that today, following a great deal of careful thought he has launched a new e-petition calling for a total ban of driven grouse shooting throughout England. Mark has given approval for the reasons why he feels such a ban is necessary to be published below, and just as important why we should all add our names to this vital petition. There have now been two previous e-petitions who’s aim was to provide improved and more effective protection for our upland birds of prey in our country. The first petition was submitted by Chrissie Harper calling for the introduction of Vicarious Liability which reached 10,600 signatures, the second petition calling for gamekeepers and grouse moors to be licences submitted by John Armitage was supported by just over 10,400 signatures. These figures are simply not good enough, we need 100,000 signatures if possible to make a difference.
Just in case anyone is under the misleading impression its just Hen Harrier and other protected raptors being killed on Red Grouse moors by gamekeepers, think again, take a long lasting look at the dead badger snared in the Forest of Bowland. This kind of illegal practice is widespread of most red grouse moors.
Badger in Snare
This snared badger was left to die an agonising and cruel death by a gamekeeper just doing his job.
Please, we urge everyone to take the time to Tweet and Facebook  this e-petition until it becomes viral, this may be the last chance we have to make a difference. Please support Mark Avery today, next week, next month and every month in the the next twelve.
This spring appears to be a bumper year for Red Grouse in the Forest of Bowland, but we should  bear in mind this comes at a cost, reduced numbers of raptors.
Dear friends

I have just launched an e-petition on the No10 website calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting in England.  At the moment it only has me signed up to it so it needs a bit of support.I’m not really very keen on banning things so it has taken a lot of thought to launch this petition. However, after 60 years of complete legal protection, the Hen Harrier is rarer than it was (in England at least) when it got that protection! And after at least a couple of decades of talking about solutions with the moorland community, in which I played a part for a while, the Hen Harrier is almost extinct in England. There are times when one can reach an understanding with ‘the other side’ but this doesn’t appear to be one of them.The systematic, illegal, wholesale removal of a protected bird from our countryside is a disgrace.

Of course, I would be rather surprised if this e-petition led to the banning of driven grouse shooting but I hope it will highlight the issues around this land use (which are far wider than a protected bird of prey) and make it easier for some sort of sensible solution to emerge. But if grouse shooting were banned, we really wouldn’t miss it at all.You are the first to hear of this e-petition – I will be giving it plenty of publicity over the next 12 months.Please don’t sign the e-petition if you don’t have some sympathy with it – that would be wrong. And I’m not going to know, whether any of you have signed it or not – unless, of course, the number of signatures remains at just the one.If I can add another 9,999 signatures in the next 365 days then the government,  perhaps a different government, will have to respond. If I can add 99,999 signatures, then the issue may be debated in parliament (it would be interesting to hear what Nigel Farage would say!).

Dr Mark Avery

5 comments to New petition launched calling for a total ban on all Driven Red Grouse shooting in England

  • steven sweetnam


    Thank-you for starting this petition and I wish you every success in surpassing the 100,000 mark. I think we are all “fed up to the back teeth” of talking to land owners and politicians
    This situation on the shooting estates just gets worse as the time goes on and it’s time that politicians and landowners alike were made to comply with the wishes of vast majority if the population. We are after all subsidizing both of them.

  • Mark Avery

    Thanks very much for your support. Much appreciated.

    Editor’s Comment. Mark, like most people we are totally fed up to the teeth with what is being undertaken with total impunity on England’s uplands. Raptors like the hen harrier, peregrine, short-eared owl, and goshawk are being allowed to disappear from the majority of England’s upland where red grouse are shot for the rich man’s pleasure. We support you 100%, as will each and every other citizen of our country if only they were aware of what was taking place.

  • kevin moore

    To think that this so called sport still happens in the 21st century is sickening,and the wildlife that has to die just so a minute percentage of the population can shoot at defenceless birds,anyone who has a love for wildlife not just birds should sign this petition.

  • Gary Broxholme

    Signed the petition with pleasure.Would be a good idea to make more people aware of the petition!!!,put it on twitter and facebook and you will get the 100 thousand needed.

    Good luck

    Gary Broxholme

    Editor’s Comment. Thanks Gary, the details of the Petition have been tweeted and placed on Facebook, but if more individuals don’t see and understand why we must bring an end to driven grouse shooting, it is doubtful we will reach more that 15,000 in the year, we hope we are wrong. We at RP will keep on tweeting.

  • Gary Broxholme

    Shared on my facebook to all my friends,2 signed up straight away will check again 2mrw and i cant see why i cant get at least 10 people.Everyone spread the word.

    Editor’s Comment. Gary thank you for all your support, well done, just hope more people follow your example if we are going to push our numbers up.