New Wind Turbine proposal within the Forest of Bowland AONB – New Threat to Wildlife

Thanks Bill for this disappointing news, yes of course we will post the details on line for everyone to read, we must oppose this additional threat to Bowland’s wildlife, particularly the hen harrier and short-eared owls that frequent this particular area.

There is a new threat to the Forest Of Bowland AONB. An application for a single 250kw turbine to be situated at Israel Farm which lies on a line between Bowland Knotts and Inglebrough, has been submitted.

The site which is about 2.5 km from the Knotts would be in the middle of an area where Hen Harriers are seen hunting. Moreover, it is in one of a couple of fields where Lapwings have been seen to gather for fledging. This, when it happens can muster hundreds of lapwing. Having seen this personally I can testify that it is the most extraordinary ornithological sight.

If you are interested and concerned the details are on
Application number 49/2014/14600

Objections to the plan would be welcome.

2 comments to New Wind Turbine proposal within the Forest of Bowland AONB – New Threat to Wildlife

  • Tim Sarney

    The FOB AONB has actively been encouraging the REMOVAL of man made structures from the AONB for several years. See the recent article on the Lancaster Guardian website:

    No wind turbines should be permitted in any AONB as this impacts on the primary reason of AONB designation – very high high landscape quality.

    There are documented records of Harriers being killed by wind turbines in Northern Ireland (Don Scott) and in Germany. No doubt there are many other cases which developers have covered up.

    It would be criminal to allow a wind turbine to be built in an area used by Hen Harrier and other raptors.

  • The Griffin Wind Farm, near Aberfeldy, Perthshire became fully operational in July 2012 (68 turbines).
    In such a short time 3 hen harriers have lost their lives at this one site. How many other harriers are being killed throughout the UK by these turbines without ever being detected?

    Editor’s Comment. Isn’t it illegal to cause the death of any protected Schedule 1 species? It’s an offence to disturb Hen Harriers when nesting, so surely killing them is more significant, or is it?